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 Bownet Soccer Goals nets for training and games:

With a massive range of goals to choose from, you are bound to find exactly what you’re after, so that your team can train and play to the very best of their abilities. To add to the massive range Bownet has, they also offer accessories that can attach to the goals and nets with easy, quick clip attachments that even the youngest of teams are able to help set up and pack down. The price of your Bownet goal is easily justifiable as they can be used for multiple different activities, not merely just a goal when used in conjunction with the relevant accessories. Along with this, Bownet pride themselves on being able to increase the life of their original goals for as long as possible by offering replacement parts.


SUMMIT EVO Ignite Soccer Ball:

If the FFA endorse it, you know it must be good! The SUMMIT EVO Ignite soccer ball is one of the top balls within the range and boy does it perform. Not only does this ball look fantastic with the bright but elegant and modern graphics, but it is highly reliable, for not just training but also as a match quality ball! With 4mm foam backing in conjunction with the 2+1 polycotton machine cross weave, the ball glides off the boot without hesitation and retains its pressure considerably well with a polyester, thread wound butyl bladder. This ball looks fantastic and plays even better - a ball for all levels of the game.


SUMMIT Classic Aussie Rules Ball:

Know that you aren’t sacrificing quality when you buy the SUMMIT Classic Aussie Rules Ball. You name it, this ball can do it all; kicking, passing, hand-balling, just like a real leather ball. The Classic ball works a charm at training, with the smooth rubber outer, replicating real leather while the soft synthetic outer ensures for great game play and is good enough to be used as a match ball for entry level games. The latest in ball technology gives the SUMMIT Classic ball its best in class feel.



OOFOS OOriginal Thongs:

The first thing you notice when sliding in to the OO is 1) the general softness 2) the arch support and 3) how lightweight they are, creating the ultimate trio post run. OOFOS claim to provide unparalleled impact absorption, comfort and support while reducing fatigue and recovery, and I, 110% believe it! It does take a few wears to get used to the feel, however, once you do, they are like walking on air/clouds/pillows (pure bliss). Adding to the long list of benefits OOFOS has to offer, they give the opportunity for everyone to wear a pair of thongs. The ergonomic footbed design allows for people who can't normally wear thongs due to foot issues or needing orthotics (myself included), to be able to wear a cool, and comfortable slide in summer!

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