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Soft Junior Cricket Bundle



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This pack includes

SUMMIT Kids in Sport Cricket Set - Bat & Ball

Soft Cricket bat and ball set designed for children and toddlers.

Soft touch embossed grip provides a great feeling product. Soft outer with foam layered backing makes sure a kids start to cricket is soft and safe. Light and easy to use for toddlers, this is the perfect starting point for any aspiring player.

  • Soft and safe outer - good for kids and toddlers
  • Soft core plastic bat - light and flexible - so no tears!
  • Soft foam inner ball with synthetic material outer. Perfect for kids, so they cant get hurt!

Get the kids playing cricket indoors or outdoors with the Kids In Sport soft and safe cricket set!

      SUMMIT Ball Launcher

      SUMMIT Pop-up Sports Ball Launcher is great for young children and toddlers 3 years and up. Learn fine motor skills to help future sports activities.

      Simply place the ball on the launch pad and push down to activate, wait three seconds and the ball pops up, ready to be hit, caught or kicked! Mechanical operation means there are no batteries! Ball is soft and safe for kids and indoors. The original toddler cricket, baseball, tennis or fine motor skills trainer!

      • Kids / toddler sports training
      • Soft ball that is safe for kids and indoors
      • No batteries needed
      • Great for catching practice
      • Can be used as a training launcher for Cricket, Baseball, Tennis, Catching, Table Tennis
      • Pops the ball about 30cm+ into the air
      • Fully mechanical internals
      • Original kids/ toddler sports launcher
      • Launcher and ball included in set
      Soft Junior Cricket Bundle

      Soft Junior Cricket Bundle