Football or Soccer: What is the correct name to use?

Today, it is officially called football, but soccer was used in the 1800s and was widely adopted as the correct term for the sport.

It was England that reverted back to Football in the 1900s, and this has become the professional name in most countries. But there are a few countries that still use the term soccer, and usually that country has other sports they call football – Gridiron (American football), AFL (Australian rules football), Canadian football, Gaelic football, rugby league football and rugby union football.

In Australia, the term Football was officially used from 2006, replacing the word soccer. For this reason, Australia tends to use both terms quite a lot.

What do we use at SUMMIT?

We actually use both. The key reason for this is distinction for when people are choosing sports. In this document you will see that we use the term football, as we are talking about only the one sport. But if you look at our website - – the category names have soccer. SUMMIT provides a lot of equipment to different types of sports and they all call their sports football, which causes clashes in wording. We find the easiest way to fix this problem is to call it soccer.


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