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Find the parts you need for your Soccer Goal, Sports Net and Bownet Goal.

Guide to portable sports goals, sports nets and ball rebounders - Parts, Service & Help.

All good products should be backed up with service and spare parts. SUMMIT is Australia’s leading supplier of portable goals, sports nets, rebounders and has a supply of parts that you can depend on. We know that products wear out or sometimes fail, nothing lasts forever. But we are here to help when you need.

The range of professional Bownet goals has a full parts supply available. Some of these items you will be able to find HERE. There are a lot more items available, and you can find the right part by contacting us here.

For our other goals, we have a 1 year warranty and parts available for most goals. Some of the goals are not easy or possible to fix if broken due to the way they are manufactured. We try to help where possible when this happens, and if under warranty, we will replace the product.

We don't show a full list of spares on our site, so please feel free to contact us about your needs. We have a lot of parts in store and happy to help you find what you need for your goal.

SUMMIT Sport is an international sports brand, and can be contacted directly in Australia and around the world. We have people around the Australia that can help with your needs - contact our offices in Brisbane or Sydney and we can set you in the right direction. This will be the fastest way to solving your questions, and getting you sorted with the right products.

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