Official goal sizes for ages in Soccer, Futsal, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball and more


What size soccer goal do I need for a 9 year old? What size goal do u7s use? And what is the age & size of a full size goal? A pro’s guide to goal sizes for your sport and age group.

If you're a little confused by the wide range of goals, you've come to the right place!

The ever-increasing ranges of portable goals means that it is all getting a little confusing. What should be easy, is now a list of companies trying to sell all types of crazy goals, rebounders, nets and barriers. You don’t need every portable goal out there. Heck, unless you are a sports club, you probably only need one, maybe two goals (good for backyard games). But, how do you know which goal is right for you and your age?

Young kids playing soccer with bownet. What is the right size goal for kids? Kids need the right size goal to play soccer. Find out which goal suits your child here.


To get things started, if you are looking for the right type of goal for you or your club, then read about what to look for in a portable goal or net. It is jam packed full of useful info on portable goals and knowing what to look for when purchasing your goal. We also have info on what is best for clubs, training and home use. We like to think that SUMMIT is the one-stop info shop for all your portable goals, rebounders/reflex nets and barriers.

Group of bownet goals on grassy field. Need to know what a full size goal is? What is the right size goal for kids or adults? What goal to use for under 10s under 9s and under 7s? We have all the goal and age info here.

But, if you just want to know the right size portable goal for sports like soccer, hockey, baseball, futsal and volleyball, then look no further than here. For we have put together a comprehensive list of portable goal sizes to make things clear and simple when researching for your next goal purchase.

Official Goal Sizes by Sport and Age - Metric and Imperial

First things first. Every sport, age and discipline have their own correct size goal or net. For example, Football Australia regulates that each age-group uses specific goals, but be aware that outdoor soccer is different to futsal (Indoor soccer) and they require different size goals. FIFA also has a set of standards, but then gives each country allowances for juniors and kids. 

So always keep in mind that you need to know what you are using the goal for.


SIZE (m)

Size (ft)


11yo and up (full size)
2.44 x 7.32m 8 x 24ft Goals are measured from the inside of the posts to the ground / opposite post
Miniroos Under 10 & 11 2 x 5m 6.56 x 16.4ft
Miniroos Under 8 & 9 2 x 3m 6.56 x 9.84ft
Miniroos Under 6 & 7 1 x 2m 3.28 x 6.56ft Pop up goal preferred
Futsal (indoor soccer)
All ages
2 x 3m 6.56 x 9.84ft 100cm bottom 80cm top
0.915 x 10.973m 3 x 36ft 1.07m (3ft 6in) at the posts and 0.915m (3ft) in the centre
11yo and under 0.8 x 6.4m 2.62 x 21ft 1.07m (3ft 6in) at the posts and 0.915m (3ft) in the centre
8yo and under 0.8 x 5.5m 2.62 x 18ft 1.07m (3ft 6in) at the posts and 0.915m (3ft) in the centre
Field Hockey
All ages
2.14 x 3.66m 7 x 12ft
All ages
1 x 9.5m to 10m 3.28 x 32ft 2.43m high for men, 2.24m high for women
All ages
0.8636/0.9144 x 6.1m 3 x 20ft 34" at centre of net - center of the net is allowed to be lower than the outer edges
All ages
0.88/0.92m x 10m 3 x 32.80ft Center of net to have height of 88cm, outside of net raises to 92cm
All ages
2 x 3m 6.56 x 9.84ft
All ages
1.8 x 1.8m 6 x 6ft


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