5 questions to ask when looking for a Table Tennis Table

Need to know what is important when shopping for a Table Tennis Table? Here is a guide to what you need to know.

When it comes to choosing the perfect table tennis table, SUMMIT is your go-to destination in Australia. We offer a wealth of expertise and a professional team ready to assist you. Let us guide you through the essential considerations for making the right choice.

Pro tips to get you playing on the right Table Tennis Table!

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Simple guide to get you started choosing the right Table Tennis Table.

Our comprehensive Table Tennis Table Buying Guide is here to help you choose the right equipment when it comes to buying an Indoor or Outdoor Tables. No matter your skill or age, we have a table and equipment for you.

The 5 Questions to answer when making an buying a table tennis table:

    1. Will you be using the table Indoors or Outdoors?
      Keep your playing environment in mind. Opt for Outdoor Tables for outdoor use to prevent damage from rain and humidity.
    2. Will the Table fit?
      Make sure you measure out your space and make sure you have room for table and playing. If you don't have room to move, you might want to consider an outdoor table or different room.
    3. Do I need a 1-piece or 2-pieces table?
      Consider your space and convenience. 2-Piece Tables are easy to move and store. 1-Piece Tables provide seamless setup and convenient features.
    4. Should I buy a recreational or competition Table Tennis Table?
      Choose based on your playing goals. Competition Tables offer superior durability and bounce. Recreational Tables are budget-friendly for family fun.
    5. What is your budget?
      Set a budget and remember to allocate for accessories and shipping. Higher budgets often yield tables with better features.

    1. Should I buy an Indoor or Outdoor Table Tennis Table?

    Tip: Protect your investment by choosing the right Table for the environment it is used in.

    The Golden Rule is: If there is any chance of the table being exposed to rain or humidity and/or excessive sun light, then buy an Outdoor Table Tennis Table!

    • If your table will be exposed to rain, humidity, or excessive sunlight, opt for an Outdoor Table Tennis Table. These tables come equipped with weatherproof surfaces that withstand the elements.
    • For occasional outdoor use without exposure to harsh weather, you can use an Indoor Table Tennis Table. BUT make sure you put it back under cover when not in use.

    Outdoor Tables are more expensive compared to equivalent indoor tables due to their specialised weatherproof surfaces. The extra money you spend on an outdoor table is money well spent compared to the risk of leaving an indoor table out in the weather.

    2. Will my new Table Tennis Table Fit Indoors?

    Tip: Measure your space to guarantee a comfortable playing experience.

    • Measure the dimensions of your playing area. Stand behind where the table's edge would be, swing your arm, and ensure you have enough room for play.
    • Consider sideways movement and having enough space for wide shots. Adequate room means you done limit the fun factor.
    • If it turns out you don't have enough room inside you might want to consider an outdoor table instead.

    3. Should I buy a 1-Piece or 2-Piece Table?

    Tip: Choose the table that suits your convenience and available space.

    • For a seamless setup and a permanent net, a 1-Piece Table is the way to go. It's also handy for solo play with a playback practice mode.
    • If ease of movement and storage are priorities, a 2-Piece Table Tennis Table is a great choice. You can transport and store one half at a time, making it highly maneuverable.

    A 1-Piece Table Tennis Table is where all parts (legs, frame and the playing tops etc.) are connected on a trolley system as one single unit.

    1. Complete solution: Many one-piece models have the advantage of the net being part of the table structure, so you don't have to put it on and take it off.
    2. Easy: They are also handy and convenient for someone who wants to play by themselves (playback practice mode).

    See below for image of 1 piece Table Tennis Table.

    1 piece table tennis table. Cornilleau indoor tables are made in 1 piece. The frame is all on part
    Above shows a Cornilleau Indoor 1piece table in playback mode. The frame is all one piece and is moved as one unit.

    A 2-Piece Table Tennis Table consists of two separate halves that you can easily connect using the included net and posts. This design keeps the table securely together for a seamless playing experience.

    One of the key advantages of a 2-Piece Table is its practicality:

    1. Lightweight and Maneuverable: Since it's divided into two parts, each half is lighter and more manageable. Moving one half at a time is effortless, making it a great choice if you need to transport your table frequently or carry it up and down stairs.
    2. Space Efficiency: When it comes to storage, the 2-Piece design excels. It takes up significantly less space when not in use, allowing you to maximize your room's layout and adapt to your playing area's limitations.

    Additionally, 2-Piece tables are versatile and often offer a playback practice mode, allowing you to practice solo play and enhance your skills. If this is a feature you want, then make sure it is possible with the table you are looking to purchase.

    If you're looking for a table that's easy to move, store, and offers added stability, a 2-Piece Table Tennis Table is a smart choice, particularly if you have limited space or frequently relocate your table.

    Below is an image of a 2 piece ping pong table.

    2 piece table tennis table. Photo shows a SUMMIT T-250 table in standard play mode. Each half if seperate and can be moved individually

    Above shows a SUMMIT Indoor 2 piece table in normal play mode. The frame is all two pieces and can be separated.

    Conclusion to 1 Piece Vs 2 Piece table tennis tables: There is no major difference between the two versions once the table is set up. There are some minor storage differences, and some are easier to use. You need to make decision on what suits your needs the best. 

    • Both tables are the standard measurements of 274 (L) x 152.5 (W) x76 (H) cm.
    • 1-Piece table is about 75 cm wide when folded and stored
    • 2-Piece table is just over 60 cm wide, so better for storage

    4. Should I buy a recreational or competition table?

    Tip: Match your table's purpose with your playing goals. Remember, fun doesn't cost a lot, but taking the game to the next level does mean investing in good quality kit.

    • If you aim to play competitions or want perfect bounce, consider an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved table. These tables are ultra-durable, with thicker surfaces for top-quality bounce.
    • For recreational use, you can opt for a less expensive recreational table that suits most family needs. But there are still differences when considering recreational tables, and you get what you paid for. We have seen some cheap tables where you have to drill your own holes! Not good! All of our tables are pre-drilled and ready to be set up and come with instructions. Simple.

    ITTF approved tables are always used for National, International and Olympic Championships. They have been fully tested by the ITTF for bounce quality before being approved with Approved status. An ITTF approved table is normally 22mm or thicker, so for recreational use you don't really need this kind of table but remember the thicker the table, the better the bounce.

    ITTF approved tables are more expensive because they have a thicker playing surface and much stronger frame and wheel structure to carry the heavier surface. Being ultra-strong, an ITTF table will last a lot longer if properly looked after.

    Please note that there are no Outdoor Tables that are approved for official sanctioned competition. 

    5. How much money to spend on a Table Tennis Table?

    Tip: Consider your budget and additional costs like freight, accessories, and more.

    • Determine your budget for the table, factoring in costs for essential accessories such as bats, balls, and a net.
    • Keep in mind that a thicker table top generally offers better bounce, and as you invest more, the frame and wheels become sturdier. Sometimes, a slightly higher budget is worth it for improved quality.

    This question is very important. As a general rule the thicker the table top, the better the bounce. The table frame and wheels also get thicker and stronger as the tables get more expensive. Sometimes you will be able to see the value in spending an extra $50 or $100 on a table. Remember to allow for freight, bats, balls and net in your budget.

    Two kids playing a game of table tennis with two adults sitting and watching


    Choosing the right table tennis table can significantly impact your playing experience. At SUMMIT, we're here to help you make the perfect choice based on your needs, whether you're a recreational player or a serious competitor.

    Want to know more? Read about everything you need to know about Table Tennis tables here:

    Who are we and what do we have to offer?

    SUMMIT Sport was established in 1991 and produce professional sports equipment for athletes, clubs and retailers. You can purchase our products online, over the phone or by visiting our stores in Sydney and Brisbane.

    We sell the best international brands including STIGA, Cornilleau, and Yasaka and we are always prepared to offer you friendly expert advice. We are also proud to offer our own table tennis products under our SUMMIT brand.

    Free bat assembly service when Shopping with SUMMIT.

    For the more serious player, it is important that you use blades and rubbers that suit your playing style and skill level. Very few people in the world have unlimited funds and we don't think you should spend money on products that you don't really need. This is why we are happy to help you make the right choice when it comes to buying table tennis equipment.

    Why should I play table tennis?

    Nearly everyone has played Table Tennis at least once in their life, be it at school as a child, at a friends house, at home or even at a club. Table Tennis is one of those games that is always fun to play and one of the best things about the game is anyone can play regardless of age and/or skill level. We won't bore you with too many facts and figures, but there are plenty of studies about the benefits of playing Table Tennis, from helping kids with their eye-hand coordination or helping our senior citizens improve their balance and lower their chances of falls and injuries.

    How do I look after my table tennis table?

    Looking after your table is very easy. If you have an outdoor model, occasionally wipe it over with a damp sponge or chamois. If you have an Indoor table, we recommend using Windex. It will bring out the colours of your table more than they remove marks. Unfortunately, no cleaner will remove all ball scuff marks on a wooden table surface. At the most you should only have to clean your table 3 or 4 times a year. Use the cleaner sparingly. Too much cleaning can make the surface shiny. Remember NEVER put any food or drinks on your table.

    Do I need a table cover?

    Table covers are recommended, especially for outdoor tables which are stored outside and exposed to the weather. For indoor tables a cover is not essential unless your storage area is prone to lots of dust. A table cover will NOT make an indoor table weatherproof.

    All Table Tennis Tables are not created equal

    Anyone researching table tennis tables would be surprised by the wide range of models available. It can be very confusing trying to work out which table to buy. Two tables with the same RRP can appear to be very similar, but once you have a closer look at the specifications, you will find that they can be very different. The size of the frame, legs and wheels are normally where the tables will differ and as a general rule, the thicker/bigger these are, the better/stronger the table will be.

    What is the difference between European and Asian made tables?

    Before we answer that, we want to make it clear that we sell both European and Chinese made tables. We have personally visited the factories and seen for ourselves the materials and processes that produce the tables. We are also proud to say that all tables we offer are made in the best factories from around the world and because of that nearly 90% of Clubs and Associations in Australia use our tables.

    The best quality tables are made in Europe. These tables are made by laser-cutting technology and state of the art modern industrial machines. European manufacturers source high quality materials in Europe and the bounce on these tables is unparalleled, The fibreboard used is highly compacted, which is much more dense and harder in structure, but it is not just down to the better quality of wood. The paint used in European factories is of the highest quality and tends to grab and kick the ball higher than the equivalent Asian table. Numerous coats of paint are applied and sanded before the final surface is produced. It is also important to know that every European table is approved to a European safety standard (EN 14468-1).

    Asian tables are largely made by hand. The MDF wood is not as good as the fibreboard used on European tables and if you look hard enough on any Asian hand-made table, the imperfections, although minor, are often apparent with a close look at the table. In saying that, the Chinese factory we use also manufacture for most of the other top international brands and that is because it is the best Table Tennis Table factory in all of Asia. In our opinion, the main advantage of Asian tables is price, which is an important factor when it comes to buying a Table Tennis Table.

    Need help selecting the perfect table tennis table? Contact us so together we can make sure you get the best possible table for your needs.


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