Portable Pop-Up Goals and Targets

Easy to transport, quick to be put up and possibly the most fun to be had out of a goal.

The pop-up portable goal is made using a sprung metal frame inside a nylon material which can be folded down into a circle. When opened is pops up and then Velcro is used to supports and hold it in place. They also come in a range of shapes and styles for different sports.

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  • The different sports and styles of pop-up goals.
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  • How do I fold a pop-up goal? It’s pretty easy once you learn.
  • The benefits of pop-up goals

Available in a range of style for different sports, the pop-up goal is a great way to get playing quickly and is available for soccer, rugby and AFL. The soccer is usually most popular item, as it is the perfect sports accessory when going to the beach or park. Whereas the Rugby Passing Target and AFL Handball Target are usually best for training and backyards. But don’t let that stop you and your friends getting them down to the park for some fun.

The best thing about pop-up goals is turning your training session into a game. Each goal has a target which turns them into a game to challenge yourself or friends. A good example is the Premier Target Soccer Goal which has one side a normal open goal, and when flipped, a target to aim at. This adds a lot of value to an already fun goal.

Pop-up goals only have one challenge, and that is the first time you have to fold it up. It looks hard, but it really isn’t that hard. There is a technique to getting it right, but once you figure it out, it is very simple and quick. The key is to do it right and not try to force it to fold.

The cost of the goal is usually not expensive, which makes it a great bang-for-buck proposition when looking for a recreational or backyard soccer goal. And once you have finished with them, they take up very little space. Because of this, we consider them one of the best goals for backyards, parks and beaches. Easily transported to where you need, you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. Just pop-it-up and be ready to start having a soccer game in seconds.

Any good pop-up goal should come with pegs and carry bag. This makes them super handy when at the beach or park.

Pop-up goals:

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