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Cornilleau Excell 1000 Table Tennis Bat

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Excell 1000 Table Tennis Bat

Table Tennis bat that offers comfort for an accomplished player.

If your game is balanced (good control and precise) then the Excell 1000 is the bat for you.

Ping Pong bat with a natural feel.

With its "All-round" coating, this bat offers you great comfort and accompanies your first steps in a club. The Excell 1000 provides weight to your first shots and all round playability throughout the game.

With this ITTF Approved ping pong bat, you can level-up your training and be ready to face any opponent.

Table Tennis Rubber specifications:

  • Speed - 85
  • Spin - 85
  • Control - 65

DYNACELL sponge and with highly dynamic blade, the Excell 1000 bat is a reference for OFF/OFF+ players.

AERO and OFC technologies provide ball control and good contact against all types of plays.

Top-sheet EFFICIENT CURVE ensures sound trajectories and lots of topspin rotation.

Speed 8.5/10
Spin 8.5/10
Control 6.5/10
Blade 5 Plywood
Handle Concave
Rubber Quality 6 Star Performa 1 (ITTF Approved)
Sponge Thickness 2.0mm
Cornilleau Excell 1000 Table Tennis Bat

Cornilleau Excell 1000 Table Tennis Bat