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SUMMIT Football Australia Advance 3.0 Soccer Ball




SUMMIT Advance 3.0 Football | The Big Picture Ball

Football Australia Endorsed TPU Training Soccer Ball to cover all ages of training and entry level club games. Experience significant improvements with the SUMMIT Advance 3.0 Soccer Ball, featuring larger sweet-spot panels and cutting-edge technology. From strikers to defenders, this advanced football is suitable for all types of players seeking a superior playing experience.

A Football to Play, Strike, Defend like you own the Game

The SUMMIT Football Australia Advance 3.0 Soccer Ball boasts a 3.5mm foam backing, ultra machine stitching, and a high air retention bladder with thread winding. This combination ensures optimal air retention for several weeks, maintaining the ball's shape and quality.

Dont need to pay to play. A fantastic Football at a fantastic price

Value and feel combined to create an all-purpose training or basic match ball. Traditional Soccer Ball feel that allows a good level of control without being bouncy or twitchy. You get a soccer ball that delivers on the pitch and the back pocket. Feels good, right?


  • Football Australia Approved
  • TPU trainer
  • 16 panel - Big Panel, Big Sweat Spot
  • EVA 3.5mm + Polyester backing
  • Embossed and textured TPU outer
  • Ultra Stich - Micro Machine stitched
  • Bladder: Thread Wound SR High density long air retention
  • Very Low Water Uptake
  • Official Size and Weights


The TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) outer material of the Advance 3.0 offers a synthetic alternative to PU. With a durable 0.15mm surface, this TPU material shares most of the properties of higher-priced PU while being better suited for machine stitching. It provides a natural texture during training, making the Advance 3.0 Soccer Ball a dependable practice ball for senior and lower-division/junior matches.

The TPU outer undergoes a series of procedures to create a Parallelogram Texture that enhances the boot's feel and a deep Chevron Embossing for precise air movement during flight.


A deep 3.5mm EVA with polyester fabric lining adds subtleness usually found in more expensive footballs. The blend of deep EVA and TPU offers a neutral handling football that is perfect for football training sessions. 


Experience precision and durability with the tightly woven, synthetic polycotton micro machine stitching on the Summit Football Australia Advance 3.0 Soccer Ball. The TPU features specially designed threading holes for a seamless and interlaced machine stitching formation, reducing stress on the material and resulting in fewer seam breaks and enhanced performance.

The tight panel form and reduction on the panels from 32 to 16 means that there is less water uptake against the SUMMIT Advance 2.0 previously used.


The thread wound bladder on the Advance 3.0 Football has a dense synthetic rubber sidewall so coaches and players spend less time pumping up balls at training. A natural medium bounce ball, it is easy to use and has great playability. A do-it-all type of ball that can be used by all players.

The Thread Wound outer of the bladder provides fantastic shape and roundness over the lifetime of the ball. The feel off the foot is deep, but still has a good response so all levels of player can find ways to work the ball.


1 year


Size 5 Football (Dark Blue/Silver) – senior match and training ball

Size 4 Football (Sky/Silver) – Junior match and training ball

Size 3 Football (Red/Silver) – Junior match and training ball


Football Australia


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SUMMIT Football Australia Advance 3.0 Soccer Ball

SUMMIT Football Australia Advance 3.0 Soccer Ball