adidas Camo Yoga Mat in action

adidas Camo Yoga Mat Review

I love the adidas camo yoga mat! This mat gets 5 stars from me for both form and function. The design is both striking and elegant, with rich colours and marbled swirls.

With three colourways to choose from I had a hard time picking a favourite. I went with Power Berry which is a deep purple with pastel pink highlights (a match made in heaven), but the blue-toned Raw Steel and the more neutral Alumina were close seconds. There is a subtle glittery finish to the mat only noticeable in certain lights, which was just the right amount of pep I needed to get through a punishing round of burpees.

The ridged surface provides fantastic grip, which I’ve come to realise is an importance feature after feeling my feet give way in the middle of a warrior pose on a slippery mat in the past (one way to kill the mood when you're in a serene yoga class). Equally, the mat stays put on the ground unlike other mats that slide on the floor.

The woven carry strap is very handy when you want to pop the mat in your car without it unravelling, or throw it over your shoulder when your hands are full.

And lastly, my FAVOURITE thing about this mat is that it’s made from Eco-Friendly PVC-Free material, with just the right amount of cushioning at 5mm thick. adidas take a proactive stance in improving the environmental impact of the materials they supply, paving the way for other companies to follow suit.

Woman doing yoga poses on adidas yoga mat


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