What is the right size netball for different age groups in 2024? Learn what you need here.

Whether you’re a parent, netball club or school representative, serious club player or casual social netballer, you'll learn all the info you need to know about netball balls here.

Starting Point: What is the Right Size Netball for Me?

It is important that you know the right netball to use for your age. We suggest you also find out about the quality you need to play at home, at your club or in matches.

There are two main sizes of netball balls available; the standard size netball - Size 5 - and the junior size netball - Size 4.

  • Size 4 Netballs are used by younger players 10 and under. A Size 4 netball is used for both training and matches. They are also available for recreational use.
  • Size 5 Netballs are the official netball size and used by ages over 10. Size 5 netballs are used in matches, training sessions and for recreational purposes. Size 5 Netballs should be between 690 mm – 710 mm in circumference and weigh between 400 grams – 450 grams. All SUMMIT netballs fall within these ranges.

Match vs Training Netballs

Some netballs double as training and match ball, whilst some you’ll want to reserve especially for matches and have other balls just for training – it will depend on your budget and the level of competition.

If you are training or playing matches, it is important that you are using good quality balls. This should mean that you are using the correct size, weight, bounce and feel for your age/skill.

Match Netball Balls

International Match Balls

These are very high quality, top-tier netballs. They have fantastic grip, response and feel great in the hand. The quality of rubber, bladder and stitching should be perfect. They are usually used by top level clubs and international games. Honestly, for most people they will not do much to improve your game. 

At SUMMIT we don’t offer an international match ball due to its short life span which makes them unsuitable and unafforable for most clubs. A standard match ball will give you 95% of the feel and response, but will last a lot longer like our top-level Evo X ball.

Standard Match balls

This is what the majority of clubs use for games. There can be variations in materials, but they should have good grip, perfect shape and lack of edge lumps once inflated. They will last longer than international match balls, but not as long as a training ball.

They should give a regular and good bounce when inflated to the right pressure. Having good shape, they will roll without any bumping, and when held, should have softness to the touch. Most players would not feel much of a difference between a standard match ball and the super expensive international match balls.

Here are our top selling match balls – the best on the market from legends of the game Maddy Turner and Liz Ellis.

Evolution X

Our best netball. It’s the ultimate mix of softness and grip with a sturdy bladder which will last weeks of training and matches without the need to re-pump. If you’re serious about netball and want the best, the Evolution X is the best choice for you.


Evo Attacker

Trusted by former Australian Netball Captain and legend of the game, the Evolution Attacker is the best value club ball you can buy and is a reliable match ball.

Training Netballs (sometimes used for matches)

A training netball is very similar to a match ball, but usually lasts longer due to the materials used. The rubber is more wear resistant and the bladder generally holds air for longer periods but tends to have less performance. The material used for the lining can be cheaper but is usually more robust.

In an industry first, SUMMIT netballs use recycled rubber with a foam lining so you get the soft feel of a match ball, but with the durability of a training netball. This is a big step towards improving our environmental impact, something we're very passionate about. 

Training balls can either be hand stitched or machine stitched. This is usually a cost saving area, but if done well, you shouldn’t see much difference in usability. A machine stitched netball is an easy way for a netball club to save some money especially for junior training.

A lot of clubs will use a training ball as a match ball for Junior competitions. We have also seen clubs use them for seniors but wouldn’t recommend this as you go up the ranks. At some point, you should be using balls that are up to the rigours of a faster game.

 SUMMIT Advance X by Maddy Turner - A great training and match ball which is the first netball ever to use 75% recycled rubber. Training netball balls for clubs and netball players.

Advance X

A great training and match ball which is the first netball ever to use 75% recycled rubber as well as the first netball produced using a foam layer, taken from soccer ball technology to create a softer touch and allows for better grip.

SUMMIT Launch Defender Netball by Liz Ellis. Junior and Senior netballs for training and matches. Find the right netball size. Size 5, size4 balls available

Launch Defender

The winning choice for senior club training and junior games, a netball that delivers on value and quality. A netball that can do it all, the Launch Defender has a tough outer rubber with a unique foam backing to give it a soft, grippy feel. 

 School Netball ball. Orange, bright and has school info on the ball so they cant go missing. Training and match quality netball balls for schools. Low cost netball for school grounds. Perfect ball for school kids games. The SUMMIT school netball is a low cost ball for primary and high schools.

Official School Netball

The SUMMIT school netball has a 3 ply, poly cotton backing meaning it is durable and long lasting even when it is used over and over again for both training and matches. 

It uses the same pimple pattern as the SUMMIT Evolution Attacker, our match ball, so it can easily be used as an entry level match ball or as a training ball to make the transition from practice to match easier.

Recreational and All-purpose balls

SUMMIT Classic Netball by Liz Ellis. Fun netball for future netball stars. Endorsed by former Australian Diamonds Netball Captain, Liz Ellis.


The Classic Liz Ellis netball is an all-purpose, recreational netball ideal for those just getting started in the game or those partial to a game in the park or backyard.

Custom Netballs

We also offer custom netballs for clubs, schools, associations and businesses who want balls with their logos, colours and designs used. Please contact us at team@summitglobal.com.au and we can create a netball you’ll be proud to have your logo on.


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