Soccer - What is the right size ball for different age groups?

Learn what the correct size soccer ball is for different age groups

Soccer balls are available in size 5, size 4 and size 3

Generally speaking, soccer balls are regulated by FIFA – Football Australia (FA) for the Australian market - for size, and should fit within these guidelines. But recently, the rules from FIFA have allowed for localised age restrictions. Each of our states have slightly different age groups per size. 

Soccer ball official size and weight do not change however, and the below soccer ball information gives all the current football regulations. We have also included the most standardised age groups (noting that this may be different in your state).

There are three age dedicated training sizes and two mini balls - considered more fun or skills-based balls. The below chart shows the FIFA ball size guidelines and what SUMMIT uses as a benchmark for our balls.

If you are training or playing matches, it is important that you are using good quality balls. This should mean that you are using the correct size, weight, bounce and feel for your age/skill. 

SUMMIT soccer balls are produced to Football Australia standards and endorsed by the Australian governing body for use by clubs and players. Find out more about SUMMIT’s range off professional, training and fan soccer balls at

Size 5 (Adult) 68 - 70 Ages 14+
Size 4 (Youth) 63.5 - 66 Under 10's - 13's
Size 3 (Junior) 58.5 - 61 Under 6's - 9's
Size 2 55 - 56 All
Size 1 45 - 50 All
Futsal 62 - 64 All

Balls available in size 5:

Size 5 Recommended Pressure: 0.7 - 0.76 bar / 10 - 11psi

Balls available in size 4:

Size 4 Recommended Pressure: 0.62 - 0.7 bar / 9 - 10psi

Balls available in size 3:

Size 3 Recommended Pressure: 0.55 - 0.7 bar / 8 - 10psi