OOFOS could be the future of the humble thong

The first thing you notice when sliding in to the OO is 1) the general softness 2) the arch support and 3) how lightweight they are, creating the ultimate trio post run.

OOFOS claim to provide unparalleled impact absorption, comfort and support while reducing fatigue and recovery, and we, 110% believe it! It does take a few wears to get used to the feel, however, once you do, they are like walking on air/clouds/pillows (pure bliss).

Adding to the long list of benefits OOFOS has to offer, they give the opportunity for everyone to wear a pair of thongs. The ergonomic footbed design allows for people who can't normally wear thongs due to foot issues or needing orthotics, to be able to wear a cool, and comfortable slide in summer!

OOFOS offer a wide range of colours and styles for both women and men, you can be sure to find a style to your lifestyle.

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