Simple, easy and cheap, are some of the best ways to describe the Teardrop goal. Used by Football Australia and Miniroos for kids 7 and under, they are the perfect starter goal. They are a great way to get starting when playing soccer.

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The name of the goal comes from the shape of the goal, which is a half dome shape instead of a box. When folded, they shape of the goal is a flat teardrop. The teardrop goal is made out of two connecting flexible rods with a net between. The rods are usually made out of fiberglass and are bent into a curve and the held in place with a strap. Coming in once piece, they are probably the easiest goals to get up and ready, which makes them perfect for home or park use.

Australian governing body for soccer - Football Australia - endorses these goals for kids.

They have been adopted by Football Australia as a junior training net (2x1m) for soccer’s Miniroos and Small Sided Games (SSG), which means you will see many of these at football clubs – see SUMMIT Fastnet Football Australia 2x1m Tear Drop Goal. These are predominantly used by kids 7 and under with a size 3 ball.

Football Australia Fastnet 1x2m on Grass. Junor soccer goal for under 10, under 9 and under 7s. Yellow pop-up tear drop half dom goal to be used for soccer. Best kids soccer goal. Approved by football australia miniroos and small sided games

Although mostly used as a portable soccer goal, they can be used for cricket and junior hockey as well. For example, the SUMMIT Tear Drop Goal with Cricket Stumps is a great 2-for-1 goal with one side an open soccer goal, and the other with cricket stumps and catching net. It is a great goal for backyard cricket (automatic wicket keeper) or fielding training (stumps with net to stop balls).

Like the pop-up goals, the Teardrop goal can be a learning curve the first time you go to fold it back up. Each goal should come with folding instructions, but we will have video instructions available as well.

It is not considered a professional goal, and should have very limited use with older players. Teardrop goals are always best used with kids as a starting point. At this age, sport needs to be fun and without too many rules or challenges. Being cheap and easy makes the teardrop goal simpler for soccer clubs, parents and kids to get playing.

Teardrop goals should come with pegs and carry bag. This makes them super handy when transported. For Football Australia’s Miniroos and Small Sided Games, it is important that the goal is fixed to the ground with pegs or sand bags.

Suggested teardrop goals:


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