Soccer - How much should a good quality soccer ball cost, and why?


Like any product where a range of qualities can be used, football pricing can vary significantly between the cheapest and most expensive.

Navigating this can be tricky, as it is not just what goes into the ball that decides the price, but external factors like marketing, sponsorship and trade agreements. There is also a difference between junior balls, training balls, match balls and top match balls.

Learn what you need to know about choosing the right football for you:

Below we have listed some of the key things you should be looking for when choosing a ball. One thing to note, price doesn't mean everything. We are regularly looking at how we can make the best ball for the price. Sometimes this goes, and sometimes the price goes down. Best to check as you can get a great deal on balls.

Soccer balls range in price depending on size, quality and external factors

Choosing the right ball is important for you to play at your level. Kick goals and win games with some of the best soccer balls in Australia.

FOOTBALLS FOR FUN - Around $10.00 to $20.00

Firstly, we would like to note that this is a tough category to price. There are some very cheap balls available, but they are not good enough to mention. They are poor quality and not make in a factory that has quality control.
Secondly, we suggest looking at the price between the SUMMIT Classic Soccer ball Vs the SUMMIT Launch ball. The Launch is a lot better in every way, but it is cheaper. That is because we offer the Launch ball to clubs and schools as part of their training and games for juniors. The Classic is put at a RRP (recommended retail price) that is made for retailers like Big W and Kmart. On our website, we always suggest looking at our training and match balls.

Should I buy a cheap soccer ball?

At this price range, you should not expect the ball to be used much for training or matches. The price usually reflects a cheaper quality outer, lining and bladder. In most cases we would say that these balls are recreational unless noted otherwise.

For example, we have the SUMMIT Classic Soccer ball. This ball is lighter than standard balls, has a PVC outer and a standard high density rubber bladder. Great for learners, and kids having fun kicking balls around, but it is not the ball you would get serious with. The SUMMIT Classic Soccer ball has proved to be a good quality ball at this price. - when comparing with similar priced balls it will feel softer with a foam lining and weighted better. 

So if you just want to kick a ball around the house or down at the park or beach, then it shouldn't be a problem. If you need something for a game or training, then NO, it is probably best to stay away from cheap/light weight balls.

When considering a cheap soccer ball:

  • Although it probably wont have FIFA weight, it should have a good feel, and not be super light.
  • Keep an eye on the manufacturing. Stitching and shape should still be good.
  • Probably wont be made for training or matches
  • Good for learning or recreational playing in park or backyard
  • SUMMIT Classic Soccer ball

JUNIORS - Around $15.00 (or save more with the SUMMIT Launch ball)

Keep and eye on weight, circumference and shape. Poorly made soccer balls may have some or all of these things out. Unfortunately there are a lot of manufacturers that cheapen junior balls as they keep costs down and think it is for kids. You can read about correct weight and size in our blog HERE
  • Should feel good, feel right and come with guarantee
  • Soft feeling outer. A lot of cheap balls just use PVC or similar with no foam lining. Soccer balls like this feel hard off the foot or head.
  • Long lasting bladder. You don’t want to be pumping the ball up every time you are training or playing.
  • Wound lining so it doesn't go out of shape. This is a winding around the bladder which keeps it firm but not hard. The shape is kept round and doesn't distort.
  • Good quality stitching. No rough edges or thick lines showing
  • SUMMIT Launch
  • School Approved ball

Goal keepers and soccer balls photos. Goalie getting ready for shot on goal while another is holding a soccer ball. Be ready by training with all the SUMMIT football products

TRAINING (Good quality) - Around $20.00 - $25.00

As per the Junior ball, it should feel good when you pick it up. Soft foam backing with good material should feel plush with a firm inner. The size, weight and bounce should fit within standards SEE HERE.

Material should be TPU or PU with a good foam and lining. Balls should have a wound or wrapped lining for shape, feel and anti-distortion. Good quality bladders should be used as it gives better response and stays up for long periods - over 30 days. 

Remember, when training you should have a ball that can replicate the feel and playability of the match ball you are going to use. SUMMIT balls come in a range of qualities and feel so you can match the right ball for you and your club.

  • Approved by Football Australia or FIFA
  • Feel similar to balls you would play matches with
  • Wound bladder
  • Long lasting air retention- 30+ days
  • Soft feeling outer 
  • TPU or PU outer
  • SUMMIT School Official
  • SUMMIT Advance

TRAINING (High quality) - Around $20.00 - $35.00

The same as standard training soccer balls, but the materials are better and the feel more precise. The gap between training and match in feeling is closer and the reaction of the ball is better. 
The outer tends to have a firm plushness to it and there should be no distinct edgy-ness when rolled the hands. 
Here you should start seeing some technical jumps in manufacturing, quality and performance. For SUMMIT Soccer balls, we only produce thermally bonded balls which have zero stitching. 
Thermally bonded soccer balls have the advantage of having better shape, feeling, bounce and performance. A stitched ball has many points where the panels can be pulled or torn, so a bonded soccer ball is usually more uniform as a finished product. The joins where the panels meet don’t have stitching, so tend to have softer panel edges which give a better feel on the boot or head.
These soccer balls should be good enough for regular and junior football matches. Clubs can save money if using these as they are good enough for senior training and standard/junior games. 
  • PU or TPU outer material
  • EVA or Foam backing for soft feeling - can come in different thicknesses
  • Wound bladder for shape retention and deep feel when kicked
  • Butyl or long lasting bladder. Usually a mix of synthetic rubbers to give good bounce and feel.
  • Thermally bonded - softer, rounder and uniform manufacturing
  • Should be good enough for all types of training
  • Good enough for regular or junior matches
  • SUMMIT Advance X - the best training ball you can get at this price. Better than most match balls on the market.
  • SUMMIT Switch (Cross over match ball) - The choice for synthetic turf football. Outer made for use on synthetic pitches. 

What is the best soccer balls? Weigh up your options and find out why not all balls are made the same. Make sure you purchase the best ball without spending too mcuh. At SUMMIT, you can get the best soccer ball for the best price.

MATCH (Good quality) - Around $25.00 - $50.00

Looking for a flexible soccer ball at the right price. This range of balls should be able to work at most football clubs as a workhorse of training or game balls. A lot of these balls are used for both training and matches as they need the balls to feel the same as when they are playing. 
High quality materials and finishing makes the balls quick to respond off the boot and in flight. Each ball can be chosen to suit your clubs game play and take advantage of your skills. 
Most balls are a PU with a dense foam layer. A consistent feel in all weather and temperatures should allow players to have consistent playability. Long gone are the days of dead wet balls that absorb water and feel heavy. The thermally bonded outer should not allow water absorption or deformation.
All quality balls should be backed by Football Australia or FIFA approval. The SUMMIT balls have been given the tick of approval for use in professional clubs, schools or organisations - The only fully approved FA ball, these balls come with full guarantees of quality and workmanship.  
Choose the right ball for your clubs strengths. Each SUMMIT soccer ball has specific characteristics to tailor to your needs. 
  • Come in a range of characteristics to tailor to your needs
  • Thermally bonded panels
  • High quality outer materials. Mostly PU that has graining for grip.
  • Multi layered upper should have quality foam or EVA to give a uniform outer with no hard or soft points
  • Long lasting bladder - high air retention. Should be 30 to 50 days
  • Wound bladder for good shape and deep feeling
  • Different coatings can be applied for your football clubs needs. Smooth, glossy, semi-gloss and matte or graining changes.
  • Specialised balls for FUTSAL with low bounce and indoor material strength. 
  • Synthetic grass balls like the SWITCH. Made for hard rough ground (grass or synthetic)
  • Note that high quality trainers can be used as match balls too
  • SUMMIT Advance X - premium training ball that can be used for matches. Great value ball that is very high quality.
  • SUMMIT Switch (Cross over match ball) - synthetic turf soccer ball.
  • SUMMIT Mero - super gloss outer with dense foam inner. Crisp feeling ball but soft first touch.
  • SUMMIT Futsal - indoor futsal soccer ball with low bounce. Size 4 and size 3.
  • Resist (Lighter feel ball) - big panel with big sweat spot. Burst of energy and has a bit more float. 

MATCH (High quality) - Around $45.00 - $80.00

Top quality match balls are reserved for the best of teams, players and clubs. But it doesn't mean they have to cost huge amounts. Be careful when considering your match ball as they are not all made equal. Gone are the days of premium hand stitched balls with leather outer. Today we are looking at specialised casings with an integrated bladder that is bonded together without any stitching. The balls feel amazing off the foot, fly better and retain pressure for longer. They can be built to desired feel and weight and should be approved by FIFA or Football Australia for matches. Need the right balls, then the SUMMIT range are Football Australia approved. They are the top of the game and can be used by every level of player and club.

  • SUMMIT Futsal - indoor Futsal soccer ball with low bounce. Size 4 and size 3.
  • Resist (Lighter feel ball) - big panel with big sweat spot. Burst of energy and has a bit more float. 
  • Evolution X - The ultimate match ball. 2 years warranty and special in every way. Learn about all the technology used to make this the best in the range football.

What about balls costing $100 or more? Shouldn't they be better?

Yes and no. If we take the World Cup football, the engineering that has gone into this is second to none. They have adopted processing that is the finest in the field of producing soccer balls. That is all well and good, but most of the cost would be not in the manufacturing of the ball, but the ancillaries to have the rights. It costs a lot, and to their credit, the ball is amazing. The question you have to ask yourself, is if you could tell the difference in quality between that or a ball a third of the cost? I suspect that most players would not if they were given a blind test. Which means you need to make a choice about what you value the most in a ball. And that is a very personal question. We like to think that our balls can hold their own on the pitch, and ask that you think about your choice when purchasing.


  • Quality of materials
  • If the bladder is wound, wrapped or plain - read more about the different bladders here
  • Stitching – hand or machine
  • Bonded – thermally bonded, fusion, molded - learn more about soccer ball construction here
  • How it is shipped – inflated balls cost a lot!
  • FIFA approval – there are costs associated with FIFA regulations
  • Marketing – balls used in leagues have to pay a lot for the partnership
  • Branding – bigger the brand, bigger the price tag (marketing costs)
  • Infrastructure – Proper sports companies have to pay for development, design, sales & storage
Soccer ball range. Good, better and best in football for kids, adults, clubs and schools. Find the right football here.


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