SUMMIT Advance X Football is endorsed by Football Australia

The MVP of footballs. The Advance X is the most purchased ball in our pro range as it delivers exceptional performance, but at the right price. Developed to be a training ball for top level football teams, shrewd purchasers have been using the Advance X for both football training and matches throughout the club. This is the smart choice for the judicious club as it is brilliant on the pitch, training, games and price. The DNA of this ball is from the top Evolution X match ball, in that it delivers high performance and controllability. The key difference is the depth of adaptability of the ball – where the Evo X excels when used by the best, the Advance X can deliver results from a broader range of players.

Available in size 5 and size 4

Player Profile: Exciting, ambitious and qualified. On the way up and determined to prove it… not asking to be put on a pedestal, but keen to prove their worth.

Soccer ball available in size 5

With a circumference of 69cm (FIFA recommendation: 68 - 70cm), Size 5 footballs are ideal for players aged 13+.

Soccer ball available in size 4

With a circumference of 64.5cm (FIFA recommendation: 63.5 - 66cm), Size 4 footballs are ideal for players aged under 13.

SUMMIT Advance X has a 1 Year Warranty - made to last, that's our promise to you!

SUMMIT training ball feels like a match ball

Matte surfaced 0.6mm Hex grained PU is the perfect ball for all clubs needs. Control, feel and playability is like a match ball, while price is like a training ball (cheaper in most cases). Don’t underestimate the Advance X, this ball is at home on the training pitch as it is on game day.

Thermally bonded constructed soccerballs ensures long lasting wear and tear against water and dirt

Thermally bonded zero thread construction is resistant to water and dirt and is tough for extended training sessions. Get long life and playability without sacrificing performance in the Advance X football.

A soccer ball that retains its air pressure training session after training session

Stop having to pump up balls every time you train. The butyl + SR bladder is cloth wrapped and sealed over to make a ball that lasts... and lasts…and lasts.

SUMMIT Advance X has been designed to be an all rounder football for training and match

3.6mm EVA backing has a soft feeling in touch and under load. Designed to be an all-rounder that all players can use. Consistency is the hallmark of the Advance X ball, where a club can train with this and then use the Evo X on game day.

Recommended Inflation Pressure:

SHOP SUMMIT Sports launch football- ideal for training and junior matches.

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Shop SUMMIT Sports Football Australia endorsed training and match soccer ball

SUMMIT FA Advance X Soccer Ball

Want a ball to do it all? Find out why more clubs are changing to the SUMMIT Advance X. Tough enough for every day training and feel of a match ball. All of this and YOU SAVE money!

Size 5 SKU: STTR2006
Size 4 SKU: STTR2007

- Matte Hex Grain 0.6mm PU for softer feel
- 3.6mm soft touch EVA
- Over 6 weeks testing at correct competition pressure - Tested at 10PSI, this ball didn’t go lower than 8PSI in that time. That is over 1000 hours without the need of further inflation!
- Innovative Zero-stitch bonding can be deflated
- Butyl bladder with cotton winding


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