SUMMIT Ignite Football is endorsed by Football Australia

Designed to be the workhorse of the match balls, it is a neutral feeling ball that suits all styles of play. This is because we need the ball to perform under all conditions and player standards. Slightly firmer and not as fast as the Evo X, it allows it to be easier to manage across a range of conditions.

Available in size 5 and size 4

Player Profile: Fit, focused and honest. Powerful but not dominating

High quality football for training and matches

SUMMIT Evolution Ignite has a 1 Year Warranty - made to last, that's our promise to you!

Soft touch 4mm EVA for easy control and playability. Medium response in rebound and speed, the Evo Ignite is a benchmark in usability. Layered polycotton liner gives a tight structure to the outer. This is a one-two-punch of a ball, with soft PU and foam and taught liner providing the player with consistency in all conditions.

Zero thread outer that uses a dipped glue bonding that adheres to the outer to give constant contact to the bladder. This fuses the ball into one working piece with no gaps between outer and inner, offering a deep connection.

Football bladder provides great bounce

Recommended Inflation Pressure:

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SUMMIT Sport FA EVO Ignite ball does it all for match and training

SUMMIT FA Evolution Ignite Soccer Ball

Football Australia Endorsed soccer ball that does it all. Thermo foam backed PU construction provides a highly reliable match quality ball for all levels of the game. Soft foam layered PU outer gives a natural feeling ball. Best value high end match ball in the market.

Size 5 SKU: FFMT1800
Size 4 SKU: FFMT1802

- Football Australia Endorsed
- Thermo bonded technology
- 1.00mm PU matte - diamond grain
- Soft touch EVA 4.00mm foam backing
- 2+1 polycotton machine cross-weave
- Thread wound butyl bladder


Offering everything from premium quality match balls specifically designed for professional player to training quality balls for the youngsters learning the fundamentals of the game and everything in between.