Soccer players with high skill and speed will love this quality ball

The smart choice of football – a refined ball, used by players who rely on skill over speed. Finesse, subtlety and superiority are words to describe the player that uses this ball. The thermally bonded, gloss-coat embossed PU, is an ‘Old School meets New School’ approach to produce a sophisticated football.

Available in size 5

Player Profile: Skills and knowledge are high, they enjoy the better things in life. A number of these people are ex-pros who know what they want and expect the best.

SUMMIT Mero soccerball has a sheen that ensures class

SUMMIT Mero has a 1 Year Warranty - made to last, that's our promise to you!

SUMMIT Sport soccer ball is foam backed

A 3.6mm foam backing counters the crisp outer with a soft feeling under load. In the hand, the MERO outer feels taught, but off the boot it is soft and pliable. This makes light touches unmistakable and not jarring in big plays.

Thermally bonded zero thread construction is the perfect complement to the super gloss outer. This construction forms a neat membrane that is ultra-resistant to moisture and dirt. Feel confident that the MERO football performs in any weather.

FA football is weather resistent due to thermo bonded construction

Recommended Inflation Pressure:

SHOP SUMMIT Sports launch football- ideal for training and junior matches.

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Shop the match/training quality football

SUMMIT FA Mero Soccer Ball

A senior match/training quality ball with a gloss coated outer layer. Faster, sharper in feel and flight, still a soft feel with the 3.6mm EVA layer under its PU surface. Thermally bonded for high performance and comes with super long-lasting thread wound bladder.

Size 5 SKU: STTR2011

- Football Australia Endorsed
- Super Gloss Coating
- 0.5mm Diamond PU for a crisper feeling ball
- 3.6mm soft touch EVA
- Synthetic rubber bladder with polyester winding


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