ALL WEATHER / ALL SURFACE ball that performs on both synthetic and grass surfaces. The SWITCH is a ball for clubs that need a multi-purpose ball for training or games. A new style of semi-matte PU outer bridges the gap to synthetic turf, while still shines on traditional grass in dry or wet environments. These tech benefits mean the SWITCH keeps a padded feel and long lasting pressure.

Available in size 5

Player Profile:  A bit different to the norm. Likes to be part of the team that stands out. Bit on the techy side too. Youth with knowledge.

Thermally bonded ball for longer life and great playability

SUMMIT Switch has a 1 Year Warranty - made to last, that's our promise to you!

SUMMIT Switch soccer ball is designed to be played on all fields

Change in surface means a change in manufacturing. The PU and foam backing are fused to form a stronger bond for a larger range of surfaces. The result is a 2.5mm combined PU/foam that is designed to work on all pitch types focusing on synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass – also known as Astroturf, synthetic turf – has a compact foundation and is covered with sand or water to help with the shape of the blades and flatness. Because of this, synthetic grass pitches can be abrasive and hard compared to a standard grass pitch. The SUMMIT SWITCH is designed to work on this type of surface – tough, and not super bouncy.

SUMMIT FA endorsed soccer soccerball meets FIFA regulation pressure with wound badder

In testing the bladder has kept FIFA regulation pressure for over 50 days! A combination butyl/synthetic rubber bladder with butyl valve and rubberised wound bladder is the last word in perfection.

SUMMIT Switch is semi deflatable for easy transportation

Recommended Inflation Pressure:

SHOP SUMMIT Sports launch football- ideal for training and junior matches.

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Shop the Football Australia Endorsed training football. Can be used for both training and soccer matches.

SUMMIT FA Switch Soccer Ball

Grass and synthetic ball that is designed for a broad range of surfaces. A neutral feeling football that has a broad spread of usability. Can be used for training to match.

Size 5 SKU: STTR2009

- Synthetic PU pin grain outer
- Foam and PU combined 2.5mm lining
- Semi deflatable
- Synthetic rubber bladder with polyester winding
- Tested 4 weeks pressure at 80%
- Football Australia Endorsed


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