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Launch Soccer Ball. Size 5, Size 4 & Size 3




SUMMIT Launch Soccer Ball for club training and matches. The smart way to save on soccer balls for kids and seniors.

Made for for all ages. Size 3, size 4 and size 5 football to help clubs, coaches and schools save money.

One of the biggest sellers in the range. The ball all clubs need for coaching. Designed with young players in mind, but with the feel and composure of a better-quality football. It has a super plush outer for easy control and feel on the boot. Fun meets value football, where club and player both win.

A soccer ball that = Value and Quality. A win for you.

It is a reason this is the no.1 ball in the range. SUMMIT has delivered a football that out-performs other balls at double the price. This is a game-changing ball for soccer clubs, schools and coaches. A fantastic feeling football in size 3, size 4 and size 5, colour coded for each age group with quality components. For full discount, clubs, schools, coaches and associations should register here.

PLAYER PROFILE: Fun and young OR fit coach. Both have heart in the game and love what they do.

The resilient and best value ball for any club. Designed to meet the standards of junior training and games, it delivers a robust ball that is an easy choice for clubs. Soft outer layers give it a high spec ball feel and the long-lasting bladder means less inflating.

    • Over 4 weeks testing at correct competition pressure - Tested at 10PSI, the LAUNCH didn’t go lower than 8PSI in that time. That is over 672 hours without the need of further inflation. As a comparison, FIFA Pro balls (the top standard in football) only have to stay within range for 72 hours. We may not have the FIFA stamp on the ball, but we do have the results.
    • Super soft synthetic leather outer
    • 3.5mm foam backing
    • Soft stitching points with Ultra Thread
    • Synthetic rubber bladder with polyester winding


    A game-changer in the entry level training category. Synthetic leather Polyvinyl Chloride that is directly fused to the foam backing and liner. The final result is a 3.5mm outer that has all the softness of a high-quality ball while being budget friendly. It has a leather texture that is a PU mimic to simulate proper ball response for juniors.


    The outer, foam backing and liner are produced in a fused sheet to be 3.5mm in thickness. A soft feel with low stretch means you get a high-quality ball at a budget price. This is the perfect high-volume ball for any club – great for training, perfect for the budget.


    Synthetic polycotton machine stitching. A tightly woven connection between panels offers up a soft edge with low water absorption. Independent threading holes are laced tightly, which spreads load evenly. Easy to control and soft on feel, the LAUNCH is a ball to be used for most juniors or basic training.


    The LAUNCH smashed the rulebook to produce a ball that other brands sell for a lot more! Balls in this category are usually cheap because they are made cheap. BUT NOT the Launch ball. Made to delivery fantastic feel and long lasting pressure, the ball has been made with high density synthetic latex rubber with rubber winding… yes, a wound bladder that will stay up for long periods. There is no equal to the LAUNCH at this level.


    1 year warranty on defects and manufacturing faults


    Size 5 soccer ball – Senior training ball (entry level)

    Size 4 soccer ball – Junior match and training ball

    Size 3 soccer ball – Junior match and training ball


    Click and rotate to view the ball from all sides.

    Launch Soccer Ball. Size 5, Size 4 & Size 3

    Launch Soccer Ball. Size 5, Size 4 & Size 3