AFL agility drill for the advanced players

With the Advanced Agility AFL Training Drill, you can ensure your team will as agile and light on their feet as possible.

Set up:

  1. Set markers approx 20m for running or to desired kicking/running length
  2. Agility poles should be approx 2m apart

Step by Step:

  1. AFL Player (P1) Starts training drill laying on stomach.
  2. Team-mate (P2) or coach holds the Tackle Pad about 10m up from ladder.
  3. Team-mate (P3) Stands about 10-15m from tackle area
  4. Once whistle is blown, P1 launches up and 'quick feet' through Agility Ladder
  5. Runs to P2 and tackles bag held by player 2 whilst collecting the football
  6. Player 1 handballs to Player 3
  7. Player 1 turns and darts through the Agility Poles
  8. Player 3 runs up field to the next cone 20m away
  9. Once there, turns to pass to Player 1 who is exiting out of the Agility Poles
  10. Player 1 marks the ball

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