All the info on aluminium soccer goals & What is the best metal goal to use. Read on to learn about aluminium goals.

When considering aluminium goals, you should be aware of the vastly different styles of metal goals on the market and the big differences in quality, usability and size. We will try and break down the things to look for and what safety standards that are in place for Australia.

Key article points on Aluminum folding goals:

  • What are the types of metal goals?
  • Pre-assembled & Self-assembled goals. More than just building involved.
  • What is the best metal goal?
  • What to look for. What you’re in for.
  • Australian rules and safety.

There are a few metal goals to cover off, but if we focus on pre-assembled and self-assembly goals, it will make it easier. Both types of goals usually end up with a rectangular goal face and a tapered net at the back that is braced by a steel or aluminium frame.

Pre-assembled aluminium goals like the SUMMIT 3x5 and SUMMIT 4x8 are robust, easy to use and can be utilised by a wide range of skilled players. As they come with the frame and net in one piece, the initial size is slightly bigger than the self-assembly goals, but soon make up for this with their ease of use and portability. In most cases, the large diameter aluminium tube is stronger and safer than the thinner counterpart. This means there is less chance of damage, while the ability to fold up and store out of the elements, will make them last longer.

Self-assemble goals have been around for a long time and usually come in box of many different parts and instructions. This can be a time-consuming goal to build, and in a lot of cases, means the goal wouldn’t be deconstructed or put away. Although portable, they are harder to move compared most of the other portable goals. We find they are used as a “set and forget” type of goal. But having them stand in the elements will mean the sun and weather will deteriorate these goals sooner. If you want the best metal goal, we suggest you go with the Aluminium Folding Goals, as they are structurally more supportive and stronger. The ease of use is one of the best features, there is no assembly needed and will be a great training goal or for junior matches.

There are a lot of cheap metal goals on the market, and it can be a good bang-for-buck proposition. But be warned, they will take time to put together, most likely won’t pass government regulations and usually use cheap metals which will rust. If you are looking for a cheap goal, we suggest the aluminium, teardrop or pop-up goals before multi-piece metal goals. If you need a larger goal, then the Fastnet or Bownet style goals are your best options. In a lot of the cases, they are endorsed by Football Australia, or approved for Small Sided Games.

One final thing to keep in mind is the government rules for goals. There have been serious injuries and deaths because of poorly made or heavy goals. They come with risks and you should take the time to read this info on goal safety and how you can protect kids, players and clubs. All of the goals we sell pass these rules, which means you don’t have to worry about these issues when shopping with SUMMIT.

Suggested aluminium goals:

Needing a portable goal that is tough and quick to set up?

Then the all-in-one portable aluminium goal is the ideal choice for playing soccer. Not needing any tools to put together, put up or take down, it is a simple choice when you need a goal for football training or Miniroos games. The SUMMIT Aluminium folding goal comes in 2 sizes, 90x150cm (3'x5') and 76cm x 120cm (2.5'x4'), and come as one unit – the only thing to do is open it up and get playing!


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