Benefits of School Sports Participation

It's proven that Sports provides academic achievement, mental well-being, and lifelong skills development

It's crucial to recognise the benefits of school sports participation. Not only physical health but also academic achievement, mental well-being, and lifelong skills development. While the importance of sports is widely acknowledged, these statistics shed light on the broader positive impacts that often go unnoticed in discussions about school sports.

If you are looking to improve your Sports Budget in your School, or just want to know what the benefits of sports are on students, then we have compiled some key research on the relationship of sports and learning benefits gained.


For budget justification:

For PE Teachers or Sports Co-ordinators, you need to show a solid case for that added expenditure in the budget. We look at some of the things you might want to highlight that will show improvements in sports will also improve your school.

1. Improved Academic Performance:

2. Enhanced Social Skills and Teamwork:

3. Mental Health Benefits:

4. Decreased Dropout Rates:

    5. Reduced Health Disparities:


    Benefits of School Sports Participation


    Additional insights on behaviour and in-class attention:

    There is also evidence suggesting a positive association between sports participation at schools, improved behaviour, and in-class attention. We have listed some key details based on available research:

    1. Improved Behaviour:

    2. Enhanced In-Class Attention:

    3. Behavioural Interventions through Sports:

    4. Impact on Social and Emotional Learning:

      While individual responses to sports participation may vary, the overall trend in research suggests a beneficial relationship between school sports involvement, improved behaviour, and enhanced in-class attention.

      Benefits of School Sports Participation

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